In the scrum team, we supervise progress and accelerate development products.

And generate drawings and store them in your system automatically by using SolidWorks®.

Production Schedule Management

Every day we check the order and put them into the ERP system. The ERP system helps us to arrange production and shipment schedules.
We also use the ERP system to manage customer data and save production records.

maximum torque

Quality Control

We save every quality-test result in the ERP system, to confirm every spec match the engineering drawing and help us track the quality of our produce.

Automatic Production

We can import the specification details to equipment by using the engineering drawings stored in the ERP.

When the equipment produces, it will report the situation of production and save the data in the ERP system.

Stock Management

By ERP system, we can manage inventory quantity of finished product and material.

That helps us predict product cycle, shorten delivery time and reduce inventory cost.

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